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What am I weaving now?

December 22, 2008

Currently I am playing with designs for the 16’s study group for 2009, but am “weaving”  on the computer.   When I began weaving 30 some odd years ago, there weren’t computer programs (that I knew of) for handweavers.  Not counting the Jaquard Loom considered by some to be the precursor to the computer.   When I began my Master Weaver’s program one wasn’t allowed to submit computer generated drawdowns and I did them all by hand, which was an extremely tedious process involving a lot of erasing or cover-up product.   It reminded me of the introduction of hand held calculators, we weren’t allowed to use those in exams when they first appeared!

I love computer programs for weaving.  But one can sit and design all day without getting near yarn and loom.  But one does eventually have to try one of those tantalizing designs in real life.  (when i say real i mean physically tangible)   There is also the saving challenge – how to file them all for another day.  But a long warp and one can try them all.  I have Bonnie Innoye’s book where she  encourages one to put on long warps, do a simple threading and then play.    Change the tie-up, change the treadling and see what happens

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