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January 29, 2009

So what inspires one to try something different in weaving.  At one point I was reading a mystery novel by Dorothy Sayers about bell ringing.  At the same time I was learning about the Fibonacci series in art and people were discussing how to use music, nameschenille-scarf and various mathematical topics as a springboard for weaving design.  It all came together for me in a series of scarves using a bell ringing series for organizing the stripe sequences.  How I chose the colours I can’t really remember except I would line up what I had and start wrapping sequences until I found a good combination.  This scarf is woven with chenille as warp sett 16 epi and black silk weft and beaten very hard.  As everyone know by now chenille has that wonderful tendency to move around which isn’t so wonderful when it does so in the middle of a scarf forming little loops commonly called worms.

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