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Stength and Weaving and Art

February 10, 2009
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How strong is your body for the tasks you want it to do?   I am realizing that I have very weak arms and shoulders.   Having been in a car accident and having 4 broken ribs didn’t help my fitness regime  for about a year.  Now  as I try weave or paint my shoulders and arms are sore and overtired too quickly.    I   have had Weaver’s Elbows for years which makes for limited weaving sessions – one bobbin’s worth per session and maybe only once a day.     This is tennis elbow and golf elbow combined!   I am now learning this is from using (abusing)  the tendons because my muscles are weak .     So I have begun a stength training program beginning with push-ups and guided by my very fit  gym going son.   I still can’t do a full push-up – that is when I realized just how pitifully weak my muscles are!   I have been practising yoga for years, but this does not necessarily strengthen the muscles – it  does gives one more flexibility and some strength depending on how you practice.     Once I have managed a series of full push-ups (that is 5 in a row, 5 times, with a good rest in-between) I will begin weight training at the gym with guidance.  Women especially need to do weight bearing exercise as they age to help retain bone mass.    But we all know this – right?

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