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February 16, 2009

A reader mentioned that  I do a lot of samples, but I never thought I did!  With  30 years of weaving behind me I now have a fairly good idea of what I want from a particular yarn when I begin a project, but am prepared to resley if it doesn’t work.    I usually treat the beginning 1/2 yard of a warp as a sample and put extra length on so that I can cut off a sample, wash it and decide if it is right.   That is unless I am pretty sure of my result!   I also like to have  samples  for later reference, so the sample from the beginning of a warp is for that and why I have so many samples.  Most of my weaving is sold, so sample pieces are what i have left.    Then there are the sample groups I  belong to that keep me busy with just sample warps.    There is a lot of freedom in sampling.  I  feel like I can try anything – no expectations.   One of my favourite pieces was the beginning try-out of a warp where I just emptied bobbins in colour combinations I liked.


This is a warp remainder from a commissioned bed cover.  It is 22/2 Cottolin, natural, brown and green randomly sleyed and woven with #16 natural linen.  The warp was about 30″ wide and the piece made up of three panels.  it was a light summer cover  which the owner told me 15 years later was still in use!

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