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February 20, 2009


Overshot, crackle, summer & winter have so many beautiful patterns one can use as inspiration.    I like converting the four block into 4 – 4shaft twill blocks on 16 shafts or 4 – 3shaft twill blocks  and with another 3 shafts for borders using 15 shafts.   The benefits are the ease of one shuttle weaving and a  stable twill fabric with a beautiful hand.

This is the Jitterbug overshot pattern converted to a three end turned twill which would take 12 shafts, adding a plain border on each side takes it up to 15 shafts.  A computer program makes the step from blocks to drawdawn very simple, with a block conversion option.  You can try all sorts of weave structures right on the screen and see how many threads, shafts etc. you might need to weave a piece before making a final decision.

I am showing this pattern tromp as writ, but you can also move along and design your own treading variations to make it your own piece or keep the look of a classic overshot pattern.

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