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Krokbragd Rug Weaving

March 27, 2009



A sample of Krokbragd weaving for the Guild of Canadian Weavers Tests.    Krokbragd is woven on a three shaft point twill threading.  I  used 12/3 Irish Linen for the warp sett at  5 doubled EPI, tripled ends for selvedges.  The weft is Swedish Nm 1.25 Rug wool.    The front and back are quite different where the pattern is on the front and the back looks quite plain by comparison.  The interaction of different treadlings and colours can make this structure far more intricate.

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  1. Divesh permalink
    March 2, 2017 6:24 pm

    Nice creativity 👍🏻
    Can i get draft of this?


  2. May 5, 2017 4:24 pm

    So beautiful . Can I get draft on this rug ?


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