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Clearing the clutter

April 11, 2009

My son lent me a book about de-cluttering called Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui.   It is helping me a great deal in the reduction of my excess weaving yarn and equipment.  I didn’t realize how much stuff I had collected until I began to go through it more objectively.   But I suppose after the long time I have been weaving this was bound to be.   Reading this book has helped me in the realization that I cannot do everything I would like to – there just isn’t enough time!  And so it  then it is better to let  stuff  go to someone that can and will use it.

I can also see more clearly the direction I want to go in my weaving.  Now that I don’t feel the pressure of having to use all the yarn I have  I can concentrate and enjoy that part of weaving that really interest me.    This process  has helped give me a better focus.

When I began the exercise of sorting my stuff,  I was still thinking that I “should’  keep this or that item and put it aside again.   The process is taking a number of passes through it all as I de-stash.  I am not finished yet, there is lots left to move along and I am beginning to enjoy this.


This beautiful stamp from Sweden shows a woman making bobbin lace.   I had always thought I would try bobbin lace and had a book about it.  But it never happened.  The book now belongs to someone that will use it!

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