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Weaving Time

May 13, 2009

I actually said the other day I was going to sit down and weave.   So far it hasn’t happened.   Every day I pass by the loom with it’s enticing warp half woven and see on all the blogs  the wonderful pieces others are working on  and I am not.  I thought  I would have time for some weaving, painting, photographing something other than yarn, walking….

Today I see that there seems to be a rash of back problems and general malaise and the grumpies in other weavers worlds.  It must be contagious – I stood up from making up a parcel with an excrutiating pain in my shoulder .      I am to blame though, I haven’t given myself the time to practice  my strength training, nor have I gotten to the gym a I promised myself.   Why do we break promises to ourselves so  easily?

But my son took the parcel off to post,  mowed the lawn, and vacuumed the house – maybe there are benefits?

I can still sit and as long as I don’t move my left side, much,  I can type and plan warps, and listen to music which right now is the eclectic Buddha-Bar which my children introduced me to and now can’t get enough of.  Sadly we weren’t able to visit the restaurant when in Paris – maybe next time!    There are other versions round the world, but I would like to see the original.

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