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June 30, 2009

I think blogging is an activity that one gets used to doing regularly.   If you take a break, the flow stops and one has to get back into the swing of it again.  I was away for 5 weeks and I did manage to put up a few pictures, but somehow I just couldn’t quite get into it the same way.  It is as though being away and working on a computer other than your own – where the photos are at hand or the samples and notes are  – just made it seem more difficult.  It probably was just that I felt as though I was on holiday – though I wasn’t.  I was helping a family member recover from an operation and helping another seemed to take more of my “mental” time than I was expecting.

Here is another sample using the same 6/2 naturally coloured cotton warp with a mercerized 5/2 cotton weft.  I find the colour interactions interesting – the green looks greener on the green cotton, and more yellowed on the brown.   The orangey cotton ran a bit in the washing – surprising for mercerized cotton, but I think was just residual dye and would probably wash off again.

samples A 011-1

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