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Ribbon Weaving

July 27, 2009

ribbon sample0001

Another guild calendar sample.  This sample was scanned and the colour is way off.  The ribbon is approximately correct, but the ground cloth should be less yellow and more green.  Hopefully I will be able to get a new camera soon! I am already finding it difficult to be without one.

Fantasy Weave with Silk Ribbon – Woven with 1/4″ silk ribbon supplementary warp and weft on a plain weave ground. This sample was adapted from a Malin Selander design by Cheryl Wiebe.

Warp Yarn Ground: 8/2 Orlon in  warped randomly
Warp Yarn Pattern: 3.5 mm silk ribbon
Sett: 20 epi ground & 5 epi pattern; Reed: 10 dent
Sley: ground 2 ends/dent; pattern area 0 – ribbon 2-1 Orlon – ribbon – 1-2 Orlon

Weft Yarn: same as warp
Colour: typically one Orlon and one ribbon colour used throughout
Picks per inch: 15 ground or 6 pattern

The following draft shows a different treadling order to the actual sample.

March Calendar Sample copy

I just found a box of various sized  ribbons at a garage sale – it was too tempting to not buy it and will be interesting to experiment with.

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