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Linen sample – Wheat Sheaves – September

July 28, 2009

linen sample0001

I have turned the photo of this sample sideways – it was woven with the bundles as weft, but it would make great curtains woven with a supplementary warp of the bundles.  Warp – 16/2 Linen, Weft 16/1 Linen, pattern weft,  16/2 Linen.

This is called “Wheat Sheaf Inlay” and is adapted from a Malin Selander Design by Betty Gerow.

Warp Yarn: 16/2 linen (ivory)
Sett: 15 epi; Reed: 15; Sley: 1 end/dent; first & last 30 ends doubled
Weft Yarn: ground 16/2 linen (ivory, natural); pattern misc. blends as desired
Picks per inch: 15 ground, 15 inlay
The draft is drawn on five shafts in order to show the pick-up properly, but was woven on four with pick-up sticks


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