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Indigo Fermentation Jar – Day 1

July 29, 2009

indigo 006

The first day of the fermentation.  I mixed the yeast, sugar and water in one jar and  the indigo with the ammonia in another container.  They sat for two hours and I poured the indigo mix into the yeast jar  and filled with warm water according to the recipe.  I am not sure I managed to grind the indigo fine enough, but without a mortar and pestle dedicated to dye powder I made do with a mallet and the indigo inside a tyvec envelope.   Perhaps it will dissolve a bit more while it soaks in the liquid.  If I only get a light colour I will add to my “vat” for the next time.

All the directions I have been reading tell you to make sure not to mix too hard, in order to not add too much oxygen to the mixture.  But I watched a You Tube video of the preparation of an indigo vat in India and the vat was mixed vigorously then let it sit with a basketry lid on the top.  Instructions I have read also say not to leave too much air on top, but in the video it was pretty well exposed to the air with only a basketry cover.

Now to  prepare the warp, which I thought I would begin last week.  But the fermentation takes approximately a week according to the recipe, so I have a week to get the warp on and my first sample woven.

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