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Complex Weavers 16’s Sample 2009

August 28, 2009

I have sent off my samples for 2009 and a few people have already received theirs, so am now posting the photo of my colour trials.  My final colour choice was limited to a dark blue (not yet pictured) because it was the only colour I had enough of to do all the samples.    I could have done them all in different colours, but I like to send out the same sample if possible to all participants.

16's sample0001

There are two threading errors, fixed just before the dark green (reading bottom to top) .  Even after I re-threaded the two ends they looked wrong, and I was constantly re-checking for awhile.  It turned out to be caused by the denting pushing the threads together in such a way it looked like an error and still does from a certain angle.    The actual threading mistakes were, in both cases ,ends out of order and at the same place in the trheading (this is two repeats).  The upside was that I didn’t have to make repair heddles and do contortionist tricks to tie them into place.   I cut the offending ends a little way back in the web so I had some extra length, pulled them back out of the woven part and heddles and then re-threaded them correctly.   I used a  T-pin placed into the web and wrapped the ends in a figure 8 around the pin and proceeded.

I sett this at 30epi, which according to some is too loose a sett.  I am looking forward to the other exchange samples to see what other setts feel like (someone else maybe using the same yarn and I can make a comparison).

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