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November Calendar Sample

December 1, 2009

Late for November, but the Auto Knitter took over my life.

Fantasy Weave, adapted by Donna Vanderwekken

Warp Yarn: repeats of 3 – 8/2 blue cotton, 3 – 16/2 lavender mercerized cotton, 1 – white cotton bouclé, 1 – white cotton bouclé with gold thread, 1 – white cotton bouclé, 3 – 16/2 lavender mercerized cotton

Sett: 7 dents per pattern repeat in a 10-dent reed
Sley: 8/2 [2-1],   16/2 [3],  bouclé [1-1-1] , 16/2 [3]
Weft Yarn:  same as warp

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  1. December 2, 2009 8:59 am

    I love both the texture and the gold in there. Lovely piece of weaving! Did the auto knitter ever come back to life? Hope so!


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