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Weaving Woven Shibori & Quill winding

January 12, 2010

The second scarf is tied back on.  I could also  have done the insert a dowel with weaving before and after for tieing back on.   The unwoven warp will be the scarf fringe and I am in the process of hemstitching with two picks woven for my base.

I changed the treadling for this second scarf, using one section of a   broken diamond pattern and two other treadles repeated for large blocks.

This is a photo of how I wind a quill (or bobbin or pirn).   Holding the thread down against the quill avoids yarn finger burn, has a greater degree of control in the winding process and makes a very tight package.  (an old friend showed me this and an old friend of hers showed her…)   I move the yarn in a small back and forth overlapping  path,  of maybe 1/4  inch, moving along little bit  as I wind until I get to the other side and then  back again.  I don’t go all the way to the end each pass across.

I find moving across in little zig-zags allows the yarn to come off the package evenly.   The first way I was taught to wind a bobbin,  was to go back and forth in large zig-zags which for me made the yarn bind constantly as it was unwinding.  I began using this method when I purchased an end delivery shuttle and pirns.  Pirns are wound this way, but moving from the large end to the small end in little overlapping sections.      This is 30/2 silk (the weft for the scarf) .

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  1. January 12, 2010 4:32 pm

    Thanks for the quill winding details. Ever since I adopted the method I learned at Vavstuga, it’s been kind of bugging me that it burns my fingers. I’m going to try your way next time I wind….which at the rate I’m going won’t be til sometime next week. (Don’t ask….. I can’t bear to blog about my yarn-y nightmare yet!)

    (I really think the Vavstuga teacher has tough fingers…..she also burns the ends of Texsolv and forms them into points using her finger tips. I couldn’t stand doing it that way and made foil covers for my finger tips to avoid pain! I am a wimp!)

    The scarf looks cool!!



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