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Arts & Culture Week

April 19, 2010

Saturday afternoon my mother and I set up an old Doukhabor loom at the  museum/art gallery.

This loom was the rescue mission we undertook a few weeks ago and had been waiting for a place to be set up.  This week being Arts and Culture week, we will demonstrate various textile skills including rag rug weaving .  There are groups of   school kids scheduled to be trooping through and hopefully other stray visitors.

The loom has a rug warp ready to go thanks to the people at the Doukhobor Cultural Interpretive Society in Brilliant.    There are great photos of traditional rugs in the gallery section of the web-site as well as a photo of this loom.

This morning I will re-sley the reed and tie on and begin weaving.

Here is the loom sleyed, forgot to get a shot of the weaving in progress.  I did forget to wrap  the cloth around the knee beam, but that was an easy fix later.   I managed to weave a few inches while fielding questions from groups of inquisitive  children in grades1, 2 and 3.  They were all very eager to help.  The loom is a direct tie-up so requires stepping on two pedals at once.

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  1. April 25, 2010 9:44 pm

    I’m becoming familiar with these looms through the Finnish American Rag Weavers book. My loom is completely inadequate and it makes me sad.


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