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The Answer was Orange!

May 7, 2010

The finished skeins, still wet.  I did think I had left them to dry last night, but I left them in the last rinse water.  hmmm

The suggestion of Orange from Historic Fibers was great.  The Procion MX dye appears to have taken and this being a first try using procion on wool, I am relieved.  The instructions call for rinses, firstly with ammonia,  and then a neutralizing rinse in vinegar (or citric acid).  The dye baths were nice and clear after each dye session indicating a good take up (and that I didn’t use too much dye I think)  and the rinse water was clear afterwards.

The previously pink skeins which are the two to the right (more about skeins, balls later) look pretty decent to me.  The blue and green look more “interesting”  than before and I’ll see what happens when they are knit.  I like the brownish and greenish areas contrasting with the rusts and oranges.  Maybe not this years colours, but this was an experiment!   There are a few “hot” spots  that are darker on all of them.   Probably this was due to poor dyeing technique, but again just adds to the interest and I wasn’t looking for even results.

Neki Rivera suggested a syringe to inject the skeins with dye and I plan to try that in the next batch.  I have a whole bunch more of this pink  (and yellow)  yarn to experiment with.

I had always called this form of yarn package a ball, but in some recent reading found them called skeins, what one makes on a winder a “hank” and the package from a ball winder a ball (duh!).   I had always thought skeins and hanks were the same thing, but maybe not. I will have to do more research – any opinions?

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  1. May 7, 2010 1:04 pm

    Fantastic results! Those will look really interesting. I am very fond of orange for all of its citrusy magic. My understanding (and what I mean when I say ball ) is that the form the yarn is in now is a ball – actually, a center pull ball, meaning you can pull the yarn from the center or from the outside. Some people like to pull from the center because it keeps the yarn neat, but it always confuses me because I never know how much yarn I have left. The balls you get from ball winders are also center pull balls, as are balls wound on a nostepinne.

    Skeins are (to me) the same thing as hanks. The are the flat loops of yarn wound on a niddy noddy 0r even just wound around the back of a chair, and then tied in 3-4 spots. I usually dye with skeins (hanks) because its easier to get the dye to penetrate. But the point of dyeing balls is that you don’t want even take up and want the dye to do some magic tricks. And you succeeded! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. earthmother permalink
    May 8, 2010 7:24 am

    Wow! Love the results! I am inspired to do this with some pale colored yarn that I have and don’t like.


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