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Inkle Weaving 3

June 21, 2010

Following instructions when learning something new is a good idea and reading the instructions more than once through is a good thing too!   There are great  Youtube video tutorials, I was guided here by Annie McHale and I also found this is one  on youtube.

I had only done some very basic inkle weaving as a teenager (a long time ago!)  so this was learning a new weaving technique for me.  One of the first problems I encountered was achieving a nice selvedge and the videos really helped with that.   Leaving a large loop and holding it on the selvedge, then pulling into place works the way it is described, but seeing it done was better than reading a description.  Handling selvedges is not the  sort of stuff one does in standard fabric weaving on a floor loom, and so as I continued  to weave in my usual no touch way, I had messy selvedges.   Now I am following directions and the selvedges are getting better.

Second problem was in reading and executing the pattern.   After I watched the pick-up video I realized that when  reading the directions for the first part of my pick-up,  the particular  pattern I was practicing  only dropped the  pattern ends that were already up in the first shed.    I didn’t read the rest of the instructions carefully enough and continued dropping my pattern instead of picking it up.  So I was working upside down which of course made the process more difficult  and I couldn’t see my pattern as I worked!

The inkle pattern I have been practising  is an ‘S’ design  seen in many patterns and looked fairly easy to start with.   But most of the patterns for this pick-up technique had very long floats on the back, which I didn’t like so I adapted the pattern a bit.  Of course right after I said I didn’t have any errors I took this photo in which I can see the errors!   The linen I am using, 16/2 Vavlin from Sweden is working well and  I love the sheen, but maybe not the easiest first time warp.  I think once off the loom and relaxed the threads will move into place and the pattern will look better.

I have found lots of inspiration and helpful tutorials for weaving   band patterns on Laverne Waddington ‘s blog.

Thanks to all the many inspirational people out there in the blogosphere making beautiful weavings on simple looms.   Now that I seem to have gotten through the learning curve of pick-up patterning on the Inkle Loom I am eager to give back-strap weaving a try, something I have never done.  Here is a link to a beginning back-strap tutorial by Lavene Waddinton on Weavezine.

Here is a garage sale find .

3 Comments leave one →
  1. June 22, 2010 12:27 am

    Goodness, if that one is fairly easy I’d like to see what you consider complicated!


  2. June 22, 2010 3:15 am

    I’m with Cally, but thank you for the links. Gosh knows my first inkle weaving certainly isn’t anything as nice as your “s” pattern pick-up. Impressive!


  3. aspinnerweaver permalink
    June 22, 2010 6:15 am

    Looking good, Evelyn! You are winning the pickup challenge!
    And nice find at the garage sale. I have so many of these little Guatemalan bags.


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