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Inkle Weaving and Strawberry Shortcake

July 4, 2010

It is strawberry season (a little late this year!)  and once a year we indulge in strawberry shortcake.  Sue put a great recipe up on her blog for a Ginger Drop Scone which I thought sounded excellent and made last night.  Here is my result.

The cake barely shows underneath all those strawberries and whipped cream!  My version was a little thin, but very light which is nice with all the cream and berries.  I  substituted 1 cup of freshly ground whole wheat flour for 1 of white.     I whipped the cream and whipped in a good dollop of sour cream just before it was totally done.   This combination was less sweet  and more flavourful than plain whipped cream. (we can buy imported clotted cream here but it costs a fortune!)   I didn’t add sugar to the cream, just a bit on the sliced berries.  (hmm – I see a chip in my plate!)

In my weaving world I warped up the borrowed inkle loom again and began another lesson from Laverne Waddington’s tutorials here and on Weavezine (where one can also purchase an e-tutorial on Andean Pebble Weave)  and on Weavolution.  I am using a very heavy yarn (12 wpi)  in a variegated blue and a white and it is looking better than I anticipated in this size of yarn.  I will say that the large yarn sure shows beating and edge problems in a large way too!  I was going to try this as a backstrap project, then felt the yarn was perhaps a little too sticky and chose to use the inkle again.

I am using a pattern from the book Byways in hand-weaving by Mary Meigs Atwater, a wonderful little book, but Laverne’s instructions are much more easily followed!  I did have to adjust the pattern slightly as I have 18 pattern ends and the book uses 20 (not a planned warp!).    The weft is a 14/4 Linen by Euroflax from Louet, which I am not sure is available any longer as they don’t list this particular yarn.  They do have  a bulky #5 but I am not sure it is the same.   I am using a weft thinner than the warp so the pattern doesn’t become too elongated and the floats too long.

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  1. July 6, 2010 8:37 am

    I’m so excited that you tried that recipe!!! It can’t help but be delicious with such great strawberries!

    I wonder if the white whole wheat flour from King Arthur Flour, or whole wheat pastry flour would result in a loftier shortcake?

    You make inkle weaving look enticing, and since I’m now an inkle owner I might have to give it a try!!


    My berries have been very tasty – just wish there were more of them! The recipe was excellent
    and the left-overs so good slightly toasted with black currant jam for breakfast! I will be making
    this scone version again soon! I am enjoying the inkle much more than anticipated. 😉


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