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Front Porch Weaving

July 8, 2010

I have been planning to set up a loom on the covered front porch this summer.   It is shady and on  a hot summer day one of the only places to be outside in the heat (that is unless I am floating down the Kettle River.)   Inside is cool, but I do like to get outside a bit as well.  I had a loom outside one summer years ago and really enjoyed it.

I began washing the porch, pollen had dusted everything with a fine coat of yellow.  As I came round the corner of the house with my mop and bucket,  I could hear two robins sounding very agitated in a tree next to the porch.  I thought they must have a nest close by. I didn’t know how close!

This put a damper on my  loom plans as the parents didn’t like it at all when I was on the porch.  Until this afternoon.   This morning I carefully went out to take a photo of the 3 baby robins to find mum (or dad) blocking the view.  I think this is an adult, yesterday the three little ones looked much smaller.   I would have to come back later.

This afternoon I went out to get my photo to find  the nest empty.

I guess my loom plans can proceed now.

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  1. July 9, 2010 3:17 am

    LOL, I guess they’ve flown the coop! I believe you have a baby in the top pic, looks like juvenile speckling on the breast. Happy porch weaving though looks like the heat is going to be with us a while, at least down here.

    you are right – it does look young with the speckles, but so big so suddenly I assumed it was an
    adult! lol
    It has warmed up overnight it seems and it looks like it is staying this time!


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