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Great Inspiration

November 2, 2012

It is almost 10 years since I took courses at the Victoria College of  Art.  When I was there another student sent me a link to the Robert Genn newsletter and website The Painter’s Keys.   I am  grateful to have been reading those wonderful inspirational newsletters all these years.  Previous newsletters are available online with comments from the worldwide readers as well as artists quotes, worldwide studio links, workshop listings etc., etc.    Such an amazing resource for artists and people in all walks of life!

A quote from the current newsletter –  “Artists get better by sharpening their skills or by acquiring new ones; they get better by learning to work, and by learning from their work.” (David Bayles and Ted Orland)


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  1. November 3, 2012 8:44 am

    I’ve been getting Bob’s newsletters for years – even though I don’t paint. He’s incredibly good at expressing interesting concepts that are relevant in areas other than his own. I also love his work and wish I could afford even a small piece but he is way out of my league!


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