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Morning Sky

October 12, 2012


The amazing sky this morning.  Everything was tinted pink and I know with the small point and shoot camera, I did not fully capture the amazing beauty.  This photo is not enhanced!

This week I participated in a 3 day Skill Building oil painting workshop led by artist Liz Wiltzen and hosted by Mirja Vahala   at her great  studio.   I stayed at Marc and Mirja’s Windborne B&B,  another wonderful part of the total experience!   I have been studying and painting this summer trying to do a painting a day.  Working on my own I was feeling stuck and in need of instruction.  The workshop was perfect and  I have lots of lessons to practise.


The Green Darner

September 13, 2012

I was surprised to find this gorgeous green dragonfly  lying on the dry moss of a hillside.  The wings were so transparent it was difficult to take a photograph.  The dragonfly was certainly well camouflaged.   It was so still I thought it might not be alive, but as I began taking photos it’s wings began to quiver.  Checking back later that day I was happy to not find it there.

Camping with Internet

August 10, 2012

Not deterred by the heavy rain last month!

Now to get back to regular posting….  I know – that’s what I keep saying.

Monotropa uniflora

July 24, 2012

I haven’t seen this plant for years and spotted this clump while on a walk a few days ago through Ruckle Provincial Park

Thank you to all that take the time to look at my blog, sadly neglected as it has been lately! I appreciate the comments and support and hope to be back to more regular posts soon!

On my walk today

June 4, 2012

I was taking a close up photo of this

Castilleja miniata



I turned to get a photo from another angle and looked right at this

I believe this young one is an elk calf.  There were many elk prints and other signs in the area.   It was trying very hard to be invisible (difficult for the size!)  and I was stumbling around the area for about 5 mi. taking photos and didn’t see it!

Back again?

May 31, 2012

Wow – I haven’t posted for a long time!  Back soon!

Solar dyeing, Day 423

September 25, 2011

Birch bark dyed wool with a beautiful woodsy fragrance even after a thorough wash.

The alum mordanted wool was layered in a jar with birch bark and covered with water.  Last summer the jar was placed in the greenhouse to solar dye and brought into the house for the winter.  It was shaken occasionally, but I forgot to bring it back out into the sun this summer.  When I emptied the jar the liquid was clear.  This didn’t achieve  a very deep gold colour perhaps  due to the small amount of dye stuff  I was able to put into the jar for the weight of wool.

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