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Braided Twill – Two Variations

October 29, 2009

braided twill variations



Braided Twill

October 28, 2009

braided twill

I think braided twills  looks like it woven striped ribbons.   I used the same 60/2/3 Silk as the previous samples.  There are drafts for braided twills in many weaving texts, here is one version from Oelsner.



Weaving drafts

October 26, 2009


Drafts for the previous samples, from A Handbook of Weaves by G. H. Oelsner.


60/2/3 Crepe-Spun Silk

October 25, 2009

many samples0002

I purchased this silk  from Robin and Russ  and used it as  Warp and Weft for these samples.  The take up in the natural portion of the sample is quite different to the black, due to the interlacement as both wefts were pre-shrunk.  It has a fairly rough feeling, but is very supple.   I have just enough left for a scarf and have never seen it for sale anywhere else.

Gaudy Silk Sample

October 13, 2009

There are 4 different skeins of space dyed yarn making up this wild warp and woven with the same in a two block turned twill on eight shafts.

Lavender Sachet

September 27, 2009



The sachet is now over 12 years old and is tucked into my sample box.  It is amazing how strong the lavender fragrance is after all these years.

Warp and Tabby – #60/2/3 Tussah Silk

Pattern Weft – 30/2 silk used double

Ground weave Sett and Woven at 20 epi/ppi, Pattern picks 20 epi

I see there is one fairly long float  and for a sachet it doesn’t matter, but for other uses one might like to adjust those floats.

Diversified Plain Weave Draft

September 19, 2009


A heavy,  shiny, 8/2  reeled silk for the heavy yarn and a  60/2 silk  was chosen as the fine yarn, based on research suggesting that it be about a fifth the size of the heavy yarn,  I dyed the fine warp and the heavy weft thread blue using Procion MX dye.

The reeled silk has a wonderful weighty feeling to it and the fabric drapes beautifully.

Warp: 8/2 Reeled Silk, white

60/2 Spun Silk, blue

Sett: total 36 EPI; 12 epi – 8/2 silk;  24 epi- 60/2 silk

Reed: 12 DPI

Sleying order:  3 per dent – 1  of 8/2,   2  of 60/2

% Shrinkage in length: 8%

Weft: 8/2 Reeled Silk, dyed blue

60/2 Spun Silk, natural

Woven: 36 PPI

% Shrinkage in width : 5%

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