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New Year Looms

January 1, 2010

Meg Weaves began an impromtu challenge to photo one’s looms on the 1st of Jan.   I have only the one floor loom up and warped.   One more shibori scarf in silk.    Thanks to Fibres of Being for showing me the post!

This is the small tapestry sampler loom still waiting to be finished.  It is a frame loom strapped to a tripod found at a garage sale.   The rounded shape has been done and redone a couple of times – it isn’t a circle, but it will stay the way it is.  I am ready to have it finished.

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  1. January 1, 2010 9:59 am

    Nice photos – and a nice way to start off the new year!

    I just finished weaving a warp that I was “ready to have finished”.

    Happy weaving!


  2. January 1, 2010 11:39 am

    Ooh, tapestry! I like your sampler – are you going to do some more?


  3. January 1, 2010 11:40 am

    By the way, your traffic feed is fascinating. Usually it tells me I am in Glasgow but today it says Carluke. What an interesting route my connection must be taking!


  4. January 1, 2010 12:16 pm

    Happy New Year, Evelyn. Lovely tapestry – what a lot of work! I am hoping this year is going to be year of finishing things for me.


  5. Evelyn Oldroyd permalink
    January 1, 2010 12:57 pm

    This tapestry sampler is quite tiny and from a book which I cannot remember right now. I did use a fairly fine weft though 😉 I do have more in mind and am realizing that I like doing small stuff.

    Traffic feeds are so interesting – the feeling that one is communicating round the world in real time is exciting to me.


  6. January 2, 2010 3:28 am

    Lovely tapestry! And I know that shibori scarf will be beautiful too. Happy New Year, albeit a bit late.
    The traffic feed has me spot on.


  7. January 7, 2010 12:42 am

    you clever girl! very elegant tapestry loom solution . simple and functional.
    your tapestry is beautiful.


  8. February 1, 2010 8:56 am

    What kind of loom is this frame loom? I like it. Is it still available? NP


  9. January 6, 2013 9:42 pm

    Dear Evelyn, Excuse my asking a question on your blog, but I have recently purchased a tapestry loom that looks quite a bit like yours. I have only done tapestry on the large LeClerc looms, and was wondering how you get the shed on yours? Is the warp alternated between the two top beams of the tapestry loom? I have looked all over the internet and cannot find any loom close to the one I purchased ( second hand, private seller, no idea how to use it!) Thanks so much for any reply or help.


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