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The problem with sorting

January 31, 2009


The problem with sorting is the detour factor.    For instance in sorting through my weaving magazines I came across one that had a front cover with a very colourful scarf on it.  (Handwoven Nov/Dec 1999)  so began reading about it.   It was the Millennium scarf based on a horoscope for the first day of 2001 by Bonnie Tarses.   And so began the detour,  of course I had to figure out how to make my own scarf.

A friend did a horoscope chart for me about 35 years ago and I have it filed somewhere.    But online there are all sorts of wonderful free (perhaps very basic) horoscope chart generators and so I tried  one of those and I think it is alright.    But  you can order your own chart and colour draft from Bonnie (and get all sorts of help with it)  – and I would like to do that (if the Canadian dollar ever comes back up) or if you aren’t a weaver,  commission a scarf from Bonnie.    But back to my own endeavors,  after days and days of playing with the chart and colours and using a computer weaving  program to help sort it all out, I have finally come up with what I think is my horoscope colour chart.  Actually I have come up with two different ones using different ways of combining the colours.  I like them both.  The first one is what I am calling a rainbow style one and I am still tweaking the second one.    So once I have the 16’s  sample warp off the loom I will weave at least one of them.   So thank you Bonnie for the wonderful inspiration.    The trouble is – now I will have to get back to sorting!

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